Property Management

Property Management

Everything Real Estate’s Property and Asset Management group helps institutional and individual owners maximize returns on real estate investments through value-added programs and superior management expertise. We take an “asset management” approach, directly supporting ownership’s financial and operational goals.
We offer a variety of services in areas such as building operations, tenant relations, and financial management. We also offer planning in the areas of energy/sustainability. EH&S (environmental health and safety). Security, emergency planning and project management.


You want to maximize the value your asset from acquisitions through management operations and eventual sale or re-finance. Thus requires a Property/Asset Management provider that can integrate purchase, due diligence, management, leasing and construction, and sale or recapitalization. You want a provider that can enhance the investment’s value by increasing revenue, missing expenses, and maximizing perceived asset value.


You may want to achieve LEED status or another form of recognition for your sustainability efforts.


A timely, skillful and informed response is important in determining the optimal solution for troubled real estate holdings.


Everything Real Estate is best-in-class, full service provider to investors across the life-cycle of ownership. We provide a full range of integrated services customized to each client’s specific needs in a flexible delivery plan, including the synergy of leasing and management services as well as acquisition, sales, or refinance expertise.
As managers, we work to grow asset value by ensuring stable tenancy (substantially reducing lost rent, commissions, and tenant improvement expenditures) through a high-touch tenant retention program.

Everything Real Estate seeks out high-credit tenants, establishes optimal lease terms, and manages lease expiration’s. We maintain mechanical systems, inspect/maintain common areas, and ensure that measures meet standards.

We Scrutinize all expense categories, including taxes, utilities, vendor contacts, staffing, and capital projects. We help you determine a course of action, including using our national discount program to keep these expense categories under control.